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Cycling Insurance

There are numerous providers out there but we recommend recognised cycling providers – whose core business is supporting cycling and cyclists and who provide added cycling benefits. These are the details in 2021, so please check for up to date information.

Cycling UK
British Cycling

As a member of Barnt Green Chaingang you will qualify for a discount on your Cycling UK insurance.
£10m third party liability insurance for on & off road. No excess.
The third party liability insurance cover is there to protect you from a claim made by a third party, on and off road.
With an indemnity limit of £10m it offers invaluable cover when you need it the most. Worldwide except USA and Canada.
Over 13,000 local rides & events every year. Cycle magazine.
Discounts from Halfords & others. Professional advice – expert reviews, features and advice from everyday cyclists. Incident helpline – The experienced legal claims team is here to advise you in the event of a cycling accident. Although an element we hope you won’t need, this is a valued part of our membership package.
CycleClips, our entertaining weekly e-newsletter, full of all the latest cycling news. Competitions and ideas to help you get the most from your cycling. For those who like to venture even further afield, our own holiday company CTC Holidays and Tours offering a range of holidays and tours, tailored for cyclists.
Access to specially tailored cycle theft insurance and specific cycling travel insurance.

‘Ride’ membership.
Ideal for Commuters and Sportive Riders
£15m Liability insurance and legal support (see conditions) for your daily
cycling. No excess
10% off at Halfords stores and Chain Reaction Cycles
Discounted Bike Insurance
Weekly email with news, expert tips and advice, competitions and offers.